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Ohio Halloween Sites to see

I was checking out the facebook this evening and saw a picture of a halloween transformer display someone had posted. After reading the comments I found out it was in Cleveland Ohio ! That led me to search google for it and I came accross a page that listed that along with other Halloween attractions in North East Ohio.


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Ohio Linux Fest

This past weekend was the Ohio LInux Fest held at the Columbus Convention Center. I enjoyed attending it. I got to meet some new people and also see people I have met at the 10 previous events. The talks I went to were good. I thought Mark Spencer's morning keynote about Astrisk was inspiring. The IPV6 trobleshooting talk gave me a better understanding of the "unknowns" of IPV6 on the local network compared to familiar IPV4.  I also got to visit with people I met from previous years as well as meet new people.

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School Time

School has started in Ohio. I think the boys were glad to go back even if they said they weren't. Our school distirct's first day of school was really foggy. They delayed school for 2 hours and  then around 8:30am they decided to close it. This is something that NEVER happened when I was their age (closing school because of fog). The ironic part about it is thst since they were doing a staggard start this year, the boys weren't scheduled to go that day.

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All Ohio Balloon Fest August 15 - 17

The All Ohio Balloon Fest is going to start this week. This year they are also having a paid music event on Thursday. The balloonfest is affordable in price and usually is a fun experience. There is food available along with activities to keep the kids busy.  The Darth Vader balloon is a neat one to see. If your heading to the balloonfest, you want to pack your favorite lawnchair.

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The summer is winding down, soon there will be the hum of tractors and combines harvesting corn and soybeans in the fields by the house. Today we saw a plane spraying the corn fields by the house. That was pretty neat to watch. From a distance the plane would disappear below the treeline to re-emerge in a different spot heading above the treeline.

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New site

I decided to move my website over to drupal 7 on my paid webhosting account. I have decided not to move all the content over to the new site. This will give me a chance to "start over" and utilize some other technology to present photos. I decided to use gallery to handle my photos. It is a seperate web app that is designed for photographs. I will how ever still include pictures in some of my posts which will orginate from this site.
I hope you like it!



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