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2020 Update

We are doing well, the boys are growing and we are all avoiding the Covid-19.

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Nathan will be bridging into Boy Scouts soon. I have been busy with amateur radio related activities. I took on the ARES Union  County Emergency Coordinator position. I also got the honor of serving as the Union County Radio Club Secretary for another year. SInce I have been working on keeping the club website ( http://ohiohams.net ) updated, I haven't been doing toomany updates on this one or liddle.us.  


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Ham Radio

I have finally decided to use CQR log http://cqrlog.com/  for logging contacts I make. Its a free program that natively runs on Linux. I have gone through and put most of my cotacts from my paper logs into it. I decieded to use it because it can talk to HDRlog, QRZ, and hamqth. I am using hamqth to auto fill teh fields when I log a new contact since its free compared to qrz. I am using HDRlog to provie a web version of my logbook. I have it displayed on the amateur radio tab on this site. I like that it maps out my contacts. 

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I have successfully passed my  amateur radio Technician license and received my call sign. I have been exploring 2 meter repeaters. I am able to hit the Marysville repeater from my house. This has pretty good coverage throughout the county. I was also able to hit the 146.76 repeater in Columbus from Dublin with my hand-held radio.  I got to talk to my friend Joel (W3RAZ) on the "7-6 machine". I have been enjoying it so far. 

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Another Snow Day

The boys are off school again today. This time because of blowing and drifting snow causing bad road conditions. At least Nathan is feeling better and they can get outside and play. There is another cold front moving in today. I am hoping they will have school on Monday.  

  Boys Playing in Back Yard
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Oldman Winter is back

We are in a cold snap with a low temp predicted at -9 F and a windchill warning where windchill temps are -20 or colder. Schools are closed for Thursday January 8th. The boys are excited about another day off of school. They have been playing their Xbox quite a bit on their Christmas break. I hope the school isn't closed as many days as it was last winter. 

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Independence Day

We had a nice Independence Day. We had a cook out with hamburgers, hotdogs, and cheddar brauts. The boys were in the parade with their cubscout pack and the boy scout troop. Here is a video of the parade.

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Clifton Cruise In

We had a fun adventure today. We started out towards Camp Clifton to pick up our oldest son. He was there for 5 days. He had a lot of fun there and met some new friends. Camp Clifton is a 4H summer camp. This past week the camp was full of 4H kids from Union county. The neat part about that is since everyone lives in the same county there is a good chance that the kids will be able to keep in contact with eachother after wards. After we got all the dirty clothes and other assorted camp essentials loaded up in the car I asked our boys if they wanted to go look at some old cars.

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Summer Time Adventures

Its summer time, The weather is good, kids are out out school, and families are taking trips to see and do things. We spent a weekend at Lake Hope in Vinton County. We rented a cabin at the state park. The cabin was nice. There was a charcoal grill out in the front of it and a fire ring behind it. It had 2 bedrooms, bathroom with a shower, a kitchen/livingroom area and a screened in back porch. It even had central air conditioning.

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Winter Weather

The Boys in the snow

We have had a colder than usual winter here in Ohio. In Dec we had an "Polar Vortex" come our way which made the temperatures below zero. Last wek we had temperatures below zero and tomorrow night they are calling for it to be -14 F. We have also had some snow and wind with it. With that said, school was closed on Thursday, Friday, and now tomorrow on Monday. I expect it to be at least delayed by 2 hours if not closed Tuesday and Wed as well.


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