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Clifton Cruise In

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We had a fun adventure today. We started out towards Camp Clifton to pick up our oldest son. He was there for 5 days. He had a lot of fun there and met some new friends. Camp Clifton is a 4H summer camp. This past week the camp was full of 4H kids from Union county. The neat part about that is since everyone lives in the same county there is a good chance that the kids will be able to keep in contact with eachother after wards. After we got all the dirty clothes and other assorted camp essentials loaded up in the car I asked our boys if they wanted to go look at some old cars. Our youngets Nathan said Sure! Our oldest Jackson who was worn out from camp said "Not really".  So we headed a few minutes down the road to the free parking area for the Clifton Cruise In.

The walk from the car led us over a covered bridge. Looking through the windows on the covered bridge we saw the Clifton Mill over looking the river.  It was very nice site to see.  Over the bridge was a clearing where there were some cars parked and  a rustic looking log cabin. Just past that was the front of the mill where there were more cars parked along the driveway. On the street there were cars lined up along both sides. It looked like where ever there was a place to park a car, there was a car there. It was a nice setting for a cruise in. The old buildings made for a nice back drop for the cars. There was an old gas station/garage, the black smiths shop, and one that looked like it could have been a store or establishment of somekind back in the day. It was nice to see both Jackson's and Nathan's excitement when they were seeing the cars that were there. Jackson admitted he was glad that we stopped there. You can see some pictures of the some of the cars from the cruise in here 

Youngs Jersey Dairy

After we left the cruise in we drove out to Youngs Jersey Dairy on state route 68 just north of Yellow Springs .  We ate a nice lunch there and had some fantastic icecream. The icecream and cheese is made from the milk from their jersey cows. There are a lot of activities there for kids to do. We ventured towards the barn where Jackson and Nathan got to feed the goats in the barnyard. Inside the barn they had 2 calfs, a pig and some ducks. You could also see the milking parlor where they milk the cows that are there. You can see the other pictures I took at Youngs Jersey Dairy here